Wartime Farm Revisited

Using the highly successful TV series on the ‘Wartime Farm’, Professor Martin explored the effectiveness of Britain’s attempts to feed itself during the Second World War, when the country was forced to endure an unprecedented decline in food imports.

Wednesday 21st September

18:30 - 21:30, Old Sessions House, Canterbury Christ Church University

His presentation also examined the conventional wisdom about the success of the state directed food production campaign, the impact of the wartime controls and rationing, and the vitally important role the rural community played in ensuring Britain’s survival.

Professor Martin’s main research interest is the impact of government policies on British agriculture and the countryside since the 1930s. He has published widely, including The Development of Modern Agriculture: British Farming since 1931.  In 2011 he was the Series Consultant for the ‘Wartime Farm’, screened in eight episodes on BBC 2, and subsequently was the agricultural consultant for the BBC ’Tudor Monastery Farm’ series. He is at present the agricultural consultant for a six part ITV series dealing with the impact of the Second World War on rural Britain.


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