Cut Feather Theatre

Cut Feather Theatre is an exciting new theatre company made up of graduates from Canterbury Christ Church University School of Music & Performing Arts. Founded in 2014, this group aims to introduce graduates to the working world of theatre and provide local Canterbury residents with quality original theatrical productions.

The Battle of Boat

The most recent production from the Cut Feather theatre company The Battle Of Boat is an original musical by composer Ethan Lewis Maltby and lyricist Jenna Donnelly. Set during WW1, it follows the adventures of a group of children trying to find their place in a world at war. Heartwarming, funny, emotional and exciting, the musical is performed entirely by children aged 8 to 18. Once again many of our recent graduates were involved with the production gaining invaluable experience.

The Sparkle Thief

Set up by Canterbury Christ Church University alumnus Ethan Lewis Maltby the company produced their first show for Christmas 2014.

The Sparkle Thief is a 50 minute show that transports the audience to a winter wonderland, featuring toe-tapping songs and Christmas magic suitable for the whole family.

It's Christmas Eve and the North Pole is buzzing with activity, all preparations are complete and Santa is about to set off on his usual journey. However, an unforeseen incident occurs which plunges all of Christmas Control into chaos when the Sparkle, the physical embodiment of Christmas Spirit, is stolen. It is up to top elves Bic and Tula to journey into the unknown to recover it, but will they be able to save Christmas before it’s too late?


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