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On this page you can find out all about our programme and the range of options we provide to make sure the degree you choose matches your interests and gives you the best possible start to a career in the Performing Arts.

Our Programme

An undergraduate degree in Performing Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University offers a flexible and thorough student learning experience. Your progress through the degree and what you study is as individual as you are.

You can choose to specialise in acting, singing or dance, or take a combination of two of these in our multidisciplinary pathway. If you don’t want to perform at all, you can take our Theatre Production pathway that leads to a life of stage management, technical theatre operation or costume and set design.

Choice and self-reflection is key to our Performing Arts pathways and our modules are built on practical creativity, collaboration and analytical critique.

Performing Arts is offered as a Single Honours degree and also as a Combined Honours degree, which means it is studied along with another subject. For full details of the options available please see the BA Performing Arts Course Page .

Year by Year

In Year 1, Performance students work in all three disciplines, Drama, Vocal Studies and Dance. Production students focus on the basics of sound and lighting for small form performance and work with Year 2 and 3 Production students as a production team.

Beyond that, all of the remaining modules are the same – Arts Management, Theatre Design and Critical Studies. After this, you choose your pathway for Years 2 and 3. In Year 2, everyone maintains the core modules of Critical Studies and Arts Management in Practice. Your pathway choice simply determines the main focus of your practical work – Vocal Studies, Drama, Dance or Technical Theatre.

To complete your timetable, you can choose from a range of options to individualise your degree:

  • Stage Management

  • Production Techniques

  • Theatre Design 2

  • Stage Combat

  • Web Design for the Performing Arts.

In Year 3, you maintain your pathway choice, but you can narrow your focus of study. In addition to your performance discipline module, you have two other choices: either an individual study dissertation or a community workshop module. Then, either a devising module, or a multimedia performance/ installation module.

The third year is a real opportunity to develop your own ideas and concentrate on a specific area of study. You could in theory link all three of your chosen modules, with a common performance or theoretical thread linking each. It’s very much over to you and your progress will be guided more through mentorship, tutorial and research rather than weekly lecture sessions.


“The lecturers are incredible and really work to give each student the best opportunities possible. With help and advice from these wonderful industry professionals, I was able to take my work further and was given an opportunity to perform at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.”

Ellie Owens Performing Arts, Year 3

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