C3U Records

We’ve given the control back to our students.

Each year C3U Records opens its doors to artists, providing them with the opportunity of handing in their demos. Student groups studying on our Record Label Management module listen to each demo and decide which artists they want to work with.

The groups are usually made up of around 3 students whose primary goal is to establish ways of sharing the music/work; it could be through developing a record release, booking a live tour or designing a marketing campaign.

Creative Collaboration

Once each group has chosen an artist to work with it dedicates time, energy and passion to sharing that work.

Each group has their own unique approach to sharing music; the Record Label Management module puts particular emphasis on collaboration, so that students are able to tap into each other’s skill sets.

Teaching and Mentoring

Each group is taught, mentored and guided by the C3U Records co-ordinator who aids the development of the projects, providing experience, networks and ideas to each group. It’s also the role of the C3U Records co-ordinator to unlock and facilitate innovative approaches within these groups, enabling them to take on an open-minded outlook of the ‘music industry’.

The outcome is several music sharing/release projects, each with a designated team behind it.


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