Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes

BMus graduate

When did you graduate and what degree did you complete?

B.Mus. (Class of 2013)

Tell us about your current role - what does it entail?

I currently study piano at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on the M.Mus. programme. The M.Mus. is a highly demanding course, as is the conservatoire culture, and allows me to train my practical skills to a high level whilst continuing my academic research.

I also have a very busy concert diary 2015 both in the UK and abroad, as well as numerous competitions.

What excites you most about your work?

Studying at a conservatoire gives me the sense that I am already working in the professional world. I would say the competitive and challenging nature of the institution excites me the most, as you must be constantly looking ahead to new goals and ways to improve.

Current projects include a very exciting research project on the late piano works of Liszt, something that has received very little focus in scholarship; therefore the path is open for new discoveries.

What advice would you give students trying to get into your profession?

Hard work! Music is a highly competitive industry to enter; therefore you must be prepared to make the most of your time at university, especially if you wish to pursue your studies at postgraduate level. You must have a certain degree of individuality, too, being able to offer something different. It is also beneficial to seek training outside of your institution, e.g. another instrumental tutor. This can be beneficial in widening your opportunities and drawing on as much guidance as possible from professionals in order to improve your musicianship. Competitiveness exists in the artistic world, so being exposed to it early on in your training eases the shock later on.

You must also be prepared to create your own opportunities, whether this is planning your own concerts or attending external lectures or masterclasses. This is all training for a future career in music and proved invaluable for myself.

In what ways did studying at CCCU prepare you for your current role?

CCCU gave me solid musical grounding. Having a well-rounded musical education is very important. One cannot fully understand their practical work without having the academic or non-musical understanding first – the course content of the B.Mus. allowed my musical knowledge to expand in all avenues of the subject.

Do you have a favourite memory of your time at CCCU?

Far too many to list! But if I had to choose one it would be performing the Mozart Requiem at Canterbury Cathedral as part of the CCCU Jubilee Celebrations.


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