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Filipe Rodrigues-Gomes
Filipe Rodrigues-Gomes
Tutor - Sound Production, Sound Art
School of Music and Performing Arts

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As a sonic artist, Filipe began his journey by creating The Audiobook Adaptation of Michael Rosen’s Sad Book, originally intended as part of his academic studies, the work later went on to gain the attention of numerous international radio stations. Since then, Filipe has gone into creating a variety of sound works and installations for English Heritage, Iris Theatre, The Crick Crack Club, Patrick George Publishing and many others. Here are a few examples of Filipe’s sound installations:

‘The Cervia’ - a multi-channel sound installation that brought a 65-year-old steam tug (boat) back to life through the use of sound.

Taking Flight’ - a performance and surround sound installation that presented audiences with the stories and life experiences of migrant workers living in Thanet. The work was installed at the Theatre Royal Margate and was included as part of Turner Contemporary’s launch in Margate.

The Whispering Forest’ – located at the OXO Tower in London, the installation consisted of an indoor forest made from pine trees, infra-red sensors, microphones and a multi-channel speaker system. The work aimed to create an environment in which individuals could sonically interact with a forest.

‘As You Like It’ – set within the grounds of St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, this work was intended to provide a sonic and visual backdrop to a promenade theatre performance of William Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'. By placing numerous speakers around the gardens, Filipe used bird songs to attract (real) birds to the gardens.

Filipe is also heavily involved in music, he is one of the founders of Left Turn 4 Records, an independent cassette record label based in the UK & Sweden, and he also composes music professionally for theatre, radio and motion picture. Earlier this year (2012), Filipe was commissioned to create the Music and Sound Design for ‘Circuit’, an experimental theatre production directed by Daniel Winder. In ‘Circuit’ Filipe developed a method of improvisation using noise that would allow him to represent the performer’s body movements through sound.


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