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Professor Matt Wright

Professor of Composition and Sonic Art

School: School of Creative Arts & Industries

Campus: Broadstairs

Tel: 01227 923747

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Matt Wright works internationally as a composer, improvisor and sound designer at the edges of concert and club culture. His output stretches from scores for early music ensembles and contemporary chamber groups to digital improvisation, experimental hip hop and turntablism, website installations, and large events combining DJs, new music performers and digital media. He recently worked with Olivier award-winner Eric Sleichim as Musical Director for Ivo van Hove's 'Network' at the National Theatre, featuring Bryan Cranston from the blockbusting TV show Breaking Bad. 

He studied composition with Richard Steinitz and with Christopher Fox at the University of Huddersfield; with Louis Andriessen, Martijn Padding and Richard Ayres at The Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands and with Roger Redgate at Goldsmiths College, London. He also had invaluable workshop experience with Steve Reich, Steve Martland, Howard Skempton and Wajahat Kahn. 

He works regularly with world-renowned saxophonist Evan Parker; with Ensemble Klang in The Hague; with Bl!ndman and Champ D'Action in Brussels and Antwerp; with The Six Tones in Stockholm and Hanoi; with Ensemble Offspring in Sydney, with CEPROMusic in Mexico City and with a host of musicians tied to London who work at the interchanges of jazz, experimental and improvised music, such as Alexander Hawkins, Neil Charles and Elaine Mitchener. His work has been presented at the Sydney Opera House, Le Poisson Rouge (NYC), Muziekcentrum an ‘t IJ (Amsterdam), The Kim Ma Theatre (Vietnam) and Abbey Road Studios, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. He has had broadcasts on TV across Europe, and on radio globally, including a two-hour focus on his work on the ABC Network in Australia. Reviews of his work have appeared in the New York Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, Vietnam Today and the Financial Times.

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Research Specialisms; 

Turntablism and DJ Culture

Composition/Sonic Art/Improvisation

Workshop Leading / Creative Leadership

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"Inspired by a trek through the Gobi Desert, Wright used a turntable, a laptop computer and other effects to blend the recorded chanting and growling of Mongolian singers, pealing and scraping bell sounds, vinyl crackle and electronic rumble, all played through speakers positioned around the room. Even with synthetic sounds in the mix, the piece evoked a wind-swept, spirit-haunted expanse, an effect bolstered by Gobi images projected and altered on two video screens."
Steve Smith, New York Times, 22ndApril, 2010

“Evan Parker and Matthew Wright’s intriguing collaboration edits layers of live performance into a shimmering mist of undulating and unbroken sonic textures [...] the result enthrals and soothes in equal measure.”
Mike Hobart, Financial Times, 25/26 June 2011

"It's time for something special. The Dutch Ensemble Klang has been around since 2003 and became a notorious name in contemporary music in the meantime. The seven-piece line up (featuring saxophone, percussion, piano, trombone, guitar and sound processing) works with composers who are straddling the lines between genres, merging avant-garde composition with drones, electronics and sound art.

[...] Music At The Edge Of Collapse [...] combines contemporary sound art with electronics into something wholly modern.

It may not be jazz, but these artists are creating cutting edge music that ensures a unique aural experience, introducing new ways of dealing with composing/playing, fusing the familiar with the aesthetically challenging and taking the listener straight into the future. It's an entirely different excitement and something we really recommend to adventurous listeners!"
Instant, January 8th, 2011

Publications and research outputs

CD Releases: 

'SPEAK CITIES' with Keir Neuringer (Released 18th April 2017)

'COLD HIGHLIFE' with Ensemble Klang (Released 3rd December 2016)

'TRANCE MAP (Live at ContraPop 2015)' with Evan Parker on 'CONTRAPOP FESTIVAL 2015: An Anhistorical Document' (Released 29th August 2016)

'SINGLE COMBAT' with Roger Redgate (Released June 2015)

'TRANCE MAP (Live in Paris)' with Evan Parker and Toma Gouband (Released November 2014) 

(Limited Edition hcmf release)

'ENGLISH LANDSCAPE PAINTING' with Christopher Redgate on 'ELECTRIFYING OBOE' (Released December 2013)

'TRANCE MAP' with Evan Parker (Released March 2011)

'MUSIC AT THE EDGE OF COLLAPSE' with Ensemble Klang (Released November 2010)


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