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Nicholas Furze

Nicholas Furze

PhD Student

School: School of Media, Art and Design

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Nicholas Furze has a degree in History with Film, Radio and Television Studies and a Masters in Film Production; he is currently a sessional lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Project title

'Adapting History: Applying Adaptation Theory to Historical Film and Television'

Research outline

I am applying the principles of Adaptation Theory to Historical film and television. This research is focused upon the decisions and processes that govern how a representation of the past is made on screen and how it is similar to more traditional forms of adaptation, for example book-to-film. This consists of a series of specific case studies, which include: the depiction of The Black Death in film, the creation of a medieval aesthetic in Game of Thrones and how the depiction of Henry VIII has changed in film and television.

Supervisory Team

  • Dr Andy Birtwistle (first supervisor)
  • Professor Darren Ambrose (second supervisor)
  • Professor Shane Blackman (chair)

Research Outputs

  • Research Seminar delivered: Adapting History, 04/02/14


Courses which I am Teaching on:

  • Film and Education (module leader)
  • Introduction to American Cinema
  • American Independent Cinema
  • The Cinematic City
  • Critical Approaches to FRTV
  • Readings, Meanings and Texts

I am also delivering two short courses for Community arts and education: Representations of English History on film (delivered November-December 2014) and Landscape and Film (January-March 2015).


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