Industry Advisory Panel

To ensure close ties with the media industries, we have links with a number of experienced, established professionals, including our own graduates, who advise on the very latest developments.

Industry Advisory Panel members include:

  • Phil Gallagher (Television Presenter, actor and writer)
  • Dan Eycott (Producer, Pixelform Studios)
  • Syd Heather (Multi-Media Content Producer)
  • Anna Walter (Radio presenter)
  • Elliot Gonzalez (Social Media Manager, UKTV)
  • Sacha Wells (Assistant Casting Director)
  • Drew Stearne (Senior Producer, CBS Interactive)
  • Marcus Bronzy (Radio and TV presenter)
  • Stuart Clark (Animate and Create)
  • Jon Dennis (freelance director)
  • Andy Garland (Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio Kent)
  • Jon Holmes (writer, comedian, presenter)
  • Paula Moore (Jumping Astronaut)
  • Jackie Sheppard (Footprint Films)
  • Jan Dunn (Maeve Films)
  • Martin Hobbs (graduate, Managing Director VFX & View D. London, part of Prime Focus)
  • Garret Keogh (the former head of digital content at MTV and cross platform director at Zodiak Media Group, has teamed up a number of partners to set up Telegraph Hill)
  • Phil Gallagher (former graduate, children's TV presenter best known for his role as Mister Maker on CBeebies, writer, producer and performer)
  • Tim LeLean (Managing Director Year One Consulting)
  • Pete Wallace (Butch Auntie)

Thelma Schoonmaker Powell (three time Oscar winning editor who has worked with Martin Scorsese for over forty years) is an Honorary University Fellow.


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