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Creative Content Director and Executive Producer , CBS Interactive

I am now well over a decade into my career in the media industry and looking back it’s hard to see how I would have progressed as far as I have without my higher education.

After graduating in 2003 I joined a small television production company as an entry level engineer. I got this job on the strength of my practical skills and my broad knowledge of production equipment

Because of the foundation of skills I had built up over my years at Canterbury Christ Church I was able to progress up to a managerial position within a few years and within the same company made the step over to creative production. Again it was the FRTV course that had given me the breadth of knowledge to be able to work in both practical technical positions as well as creative roles.

From there I moved to CBS where I have worked for the last 9 years working up from Video Producer to Content Director & Executive Producer. I manage a global team of creative film makers producing factual entertainment for CBS’s online division.

At every step up through my career I have relied on the skills I learned at Canterbury Christ Church.

Initially mainly the functional practical equipment skills and as I progressed further and further I relied more heavily on the deeper theoretical and artistic part of the course. In my own work and in the training and management of others it’s that knowledge that sets me apart from others who have not had the benefit of such a wonderful course.

In a brutal industry where competition for entry level positions is extremely high and the number of courses in various types of multimedia across the country is on the rise, it’s extremely important to select a course that not only gives students fulfilment, a true sense of learning and an enjoyable experience whilst absolutely preparing graduates to apply their skills in the marketplace.

The FTRV course at Canterbury Christ Church and the foundation of core, industry relevant, skills as well as a theoretical understanding of the mechanics and artistry of the full breadth of the media industry that it teaches is what underpins my career to this day.

The expertise of the faculty and the resources available were a perfect blend of traditional and cutting edge, giving students the opportunity to prepare for the industry as it is whilst learning the discipline often lacking in modern media production.

The practical aspect that runs through all of the teaching is beyond doubt where the course stands out. Being able to put taught principles into practical effect from day one is amazingly stimulating and engaging and accelerates the learning process immensely.

Beyond the course the University as a whole, the Students’ Union and the city itself all created a wonderful safe, friendly and stimulating environment to continue learning outside of the lecture theatres.

As someone who now is on the other side of the job interview table with hundreds of graduate CVs and show reels to process every year I can confidently say that, as a rule, graduates from the FRTV course at Canterbury Christ Church are better equipped to handle the real world responsibilities of working in the industry than any other course I have come across.

I owe my success in the industry to the FRTV course at Canterbury Christ Church and I can recommend it to anyone with aspirations of success in the British media Industry.


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