Alex Hill

Alex Hill

Freelance Artist - Graphic Designer

"The art course at Canterbury Christ Church University helped me prepare for the real world as a creative and taught me how to present myself to clients confidently.

Having such a wide variety of options within a course allowed me to explore many different mediums and help me really find which pathway I wanted to take.

The tutors couldn't have been any better, they all come from different creative backgrounds and have years of experience and knowledge. There was so much energy to feed off!

I had a particular interest in Graphic Design but having the freedom to paint, sculpt, print, photograph etc. allows you to think in a new way and produce exciting work and apply all techniques to a project.

Something a number of creative people struggle with is presentation. I found the professional portfolio classes and classes on how to present yourself were among the best modules on the course. The sessions built my confidence and allowed me to take my skills and prepare myself for working as a creative.

Since leaving I have been involved with several creative jobs and started working as freelance creative and also having exhibitions.

Later, I started working as a volunteer Display Artist for Urban Outfitter stores, painting shop windows, creating and constructing large displays. I now work full-time and run the graphic design department for one of the UK's fastest growing golf brands, Lynx Golf."


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