CRCC Projects

Here are some of the current projects undertaken within the Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures.


SEAS Photography

The South East Archive of Seaside Photography undertakes research into
seaside photographic practices, communities and cultures.

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Social Media and Community Volunteering

This study aims to explore to what extent the transformative potentials of digital technologies, in particular social media, are being realised in relation to community volunteering.

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In collaboration with the Dreamland Trust, Rob Ball has received funding to undertake a photographic research project that records the current state, reconstruction and resurrection of the Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate.

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Amateur Film-Making

Amateur Filmmaking in the Local Area

During the past 4 years Tim Jones, Senior Lecturer from the School of Media, Art and Design has been carrying out award winning research on amateur filmmaking in the local area.

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Arcade Cultures and Arcade HEritage

Alan Meades has spent the best part of fifteen years studying videogames, their cultural significance and their communities.

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Online News and Communication Project

Do you live in Herne Bay, Whitstable or Canterbury (CT1, CT2, CT5 or CT6 postcode)? Do you use social media or other online sources to find information or news about your local community?

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The LocalCom project aimed to conduct a comparative study involving four European countries (Italy, Norway, Poland and the UK) on the democratic potentials and challenges of local communication online and contribute to our understanding of local communities and local communication in the digital age.

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Local News Deserts

Local news production, distribution and consumption have changed significantly during the last fifteen years as highlighted in the Cairncross review (Cairncross, 2019) and elsewhere (e.g. Hess and Waller, 2016; Nielsen, 2015). 

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Memories of the Spanish Civil War

Herencias del 36

Ruth Sanz Sabido’s research on Memory is primarily concerned with local communities and the ways in which they remember.In her book Memories of the Spanish Civil War: Conflict and Community in Rural Spain (2016), she uses the concept of ‘local memories’ in order to emphasise the importance of events that happened within small communities.

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Social media adoption in small non-profit organisations

This project explored patterns of and views about social media adoption among small non-profit organisations and to identify mechanisms that could effectively support these organisations with their social media use.

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