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Language and Intercultural Education

This group is for all scholars and researchers who are curious about the implications of intercultural learning and language to our understanding of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ and the way we position, and are positioned in the World.Everyone welcome!

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The Discourse, Power and Society Reading Group

The Discourse, Power and Society Reading Group is for all staff and research students from the University of Kent (UKC) and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) who are interested in studying the expression/exertion of power and the manifestation of social dynamics through discourse. Related disciplines include Critical Discourse Studies/Critical Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics (/Sociology), Language and Gender (Gender Studies), and Political Science.

You can find out more by following the Discourse, Power and Society Reading Group blog

Mark Almond Plenary Speaker at IATEFL Slovenia

In March 2017, Senior Lecturer Mark Almond was invited plenary speaker at IATEFL Slovenia in Topolšica to present a paper on his current research on classroom as community: the application of Flow Theory, Positive Psychology, Sociolinguistics and Neuro Linguistic Programming to the classroom. It is a study of how educators at all levels can apply principles from these fields to their everyday practice in order to create a conducive classroom climate to ameliorate group cohesion and intrinsic motivation and maximise learning. In teacher training contexts, his specialism is in how teachers’ interpersonal communication skills can be developed and honed through improvisation and theatre techniques. Mark has been commissioned by Pavilion Publishing to write a book on these areas, which will be published by the end of the year. It is provisionally titled The Essence of Teaching: Putting The Human Centre Stage in the Classroom.


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