Canterbury is a great place to study French. The ancient connections between France and Canterbury are symbolised by the fact the walls of Canterbury Cathedral are built of French stone. The city is close to the channel ports making travel to France very straightforward.

Studying French in combination with another subject will enable you to work in France with confidence, work for a French company in the UK or simply visit with greater understanding and enjoyment.

Our classes are formed into small groups meaning your learning takes place in a friendly and supportive environment. As well as study visits to Northern France we have many exchanges and activities with students from French universities just across the Channel.

Our programme focuses on contemporary French culture by examining French history, society, literature and cinema since 1945. We also study the wider French-speaking world. If you want to study the films of Jean-Luc Godard or Arnaud Desplechin, the novels of Michel Houellebecq or Richard Millet, learn about Surrealism or Existentialism, the changing role of women in French society or the civil war in Algeria in the 1990s, then the BA French course is for you.


Placing an emphasis on translation skills and offering the option of a work placement or period of study in a French-speaking country at some point within the three year programme ensures your studies provide the best possible preparation for future employment.

Academic or Work Placement and Erasmus Exchange Opportunities

"One of the best bits of being on a year abroad is the people you meet. Just in my residence, there are Spanish, American, Canadian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Italian, Austrian, German and even some Taiwanese and Japanese to add to the mix. Everybody hangs out together and there is no shortage of things to do in Lille, with the Nightlife in Europe being very vibrant, as well as the beautiful surroundings. There’s never a dull moment."

Walker Darke BA Music and French, Year 2

There is a requirement that you spend a minimum period of ten weeks studying or working in a French-speaking environment. This can be a whole year spent at a French University, usually the second year, or it can be a period of work, which is normally during the summer vacation at the end of your second year.  Some students get paid work, others don’t. Recent students have worked in Quebec and Switzerland, Belgium and everywhere in France from Boulogne to Nice. The only constant at the moment is that, if there are costs, they are paid by you, and that, whichever route you choose, the French degree at Canterbury Christ Church is a three-year programme.

There are also Erasmus Exchange opportunities available to all students.


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"An incredible experience, learning new and interesting things and visiting many places in France. Culturally, I now feel richer"

Aurélia Student


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