Short courses for teachers

In addition to core undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and English language courses, the Centre designs and delivers a number of courses and programmes for English language teachers, language teacher educators and university lecturers for and in partnership with institutions and Ministries of Education in a number of different countries.

Courses for Teachers of English in the Madrid Region of Spain

In collaboration with the Madrid Department of Education the Centre for Language and Linguistics runs summer courses specially designed to meet the needs of primary school teachers in the Madrid region of Spain.

The courses are aimed at teachers whose primary language is Spanish. However, as part of their teaching they are required to teach certain classes in English.

The courses focus on the latest methodology for the teaching of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and help teachers to develop strategies that meet the challenge of teaching a variety of subjects in English.

The courses also ensure that the teachers develop their own confidence and competence in their use of English for the classroom.

Courses for Prospective English Language Teachers from Uppsala, Sweden

For over twenty years the Centre for Language and Linguistics has been providing short immersion-style courses for pre-service secondary state school English language teachers from Uppsala University, Sweden.

The success of the courses and the link with Uppsala University has led to members of the School’s teaching team being invited as guest lecturers over to Sweden.

Apply Direct / Part-time study

Location Length Start  
University of Uppsala Programme apply
Canterbury 4 weeks full-time October 2020
University of Uppsala Programme apply
Canterbury 4 weeks full-time March 2021

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