English Language and Communication

Our degree is a stimulating academic programme that never loses sight of the practical importance of excellent communication in an increasingly interconnected world.

Highly Effective Communication

Communication underpins how we, as human beings, function and operate in just about every area of our lives − the appropriate use of language and communication is the basis for success in virtually every domain of human activity, from politics, to business, to all areas of work, even to personal and family life.

Our programmes offer you the tools to understand the many complex and fascinating ways in which language and communication work in the world, and also to improve your own abilities and skills in communication and daily discourse.

English as a Global Language

The English language is the dominant language of international communication and with increasing globalisation, it is important to have a refined understanding of the nature and structure of English and how we communicate with each other.

Our BA in English Language and Communication gives you an understanding of the various cultural and other contextual dimensions of language and communication. It will give you the ability to communicate more effectively in this complex, globalised world.

97% of our most recent UK undergraduates were employed or in further study six months after completing their studies (based on Destination of Leavers from Higher Education statistics for 2012-13)


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