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Walker Darke


School: School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury

I studied French and Music at Canterbury Christ Church University.

I moved far away from home to study in Canterbury and thanks to the things I learnt, the people I met and the experiences I had, it was totally worth it.

In my second year, I had the opportunity to study abroad on an Erasmus exchange in Lille, France for a year which was hard work, but a lot of fun!

In my final year, I chose to write two dissertations - which is something I never thought I'd want to do! Throughout my time in Canterbury, my lecturers in French and Music were always there and gave me helpful guidance and advice.

Since graduating, I've been lucky enough to use some of the skills I learnt at CCCU. I studied Chinese in China with a British Council Scholarship, and I currently work at the EU in Brussels, where I use my language skills on a daily basis. I couldn't have done this without studying languages.

Canterbury Christ Church University helped me to achieve my goals and I'm extremely grateful to those that helped me along the way.


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