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Heidi Taylor


School: School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury

Having lived in France for 7 years, I thought taking French as part as my combined degree would be easy. How wrong I was! Although I could already speak French, I still had a lot to learn. In fact, for the first time in my life, the complexities of French grammar suddenly became easier to understand, thanks to the clear structured teaching methods of the lecturers. Over my three years at Canterbury Christ Church, I thoroughly appreciated the construction of the course. Weekly tasks allowed me to keep my French up to a fluent standard. Exercises did not just consist of reading and writing, but debates and discussions in French too. The work placement in Year Two definitely helped me obtain a secure position in a potential career. My current employers are very impressed that I worked in a francophone environment for 3 months, a placement that taught me a lot about French culture. At present I am working as a French Sales Coordinator, a job I would have not have achieved without the support of CCCU French programme.


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