Comments from our recent students

At the end of every course our students are encouraged to respond to a questionnaire. We always listen to our students so that we continue to offer the excellent programme of study they require. On this page you can read some of the questions we asked our recent students and the comments they made.

Did you enjoy the course?

  • Yes, the teachers are all supportive and really great.
  • All the sessions were very helpful. I especially enjoyed those on presentation skills, seminar skills and writing skills.
  • Yes! I enjoyed the course because I learned a lot of things that I'll use in future.
  • Yes. I think the course was effective and the teachers are great!
  • I enjoyed the course. All the teachers are so kind and class was always interesting.
  • Teachers' tutorials and advice were very helpful to me.
  • All the tutors were so kind and they helped me a lot.

Do you feel you have improved your English and Academic English Skills during the course? In what particular ways?

  • Yes, I was able to improve my speaking and listening skills much more.
  • I learned how to speak in academic situations such as seminars and presentations.
  • Yes in terms of writing, I learnt a lot, especially referencing.
  • Yes, especially speaking skills. When I started this course, my pronunciation and grammar were not so good, but now I feel they’ve improved a lot.
  • I learned how to write academic essays effectively.
  • Yes. Thanks to my teachers, I have improved my academic skills, particularly being critical.
  • I feel I acquired important skills for academic learning.
  • Yes. Especially in reading and writing.

Do you feel more prepared for starting your undergraduate/post-graduate study?

  • Yes, the course offered us plenty of information about how to learn at university and how to adapt to UK education.
  • Yes, it helped me to know more about British academic culture.
  • Yes, during these weeks, I have learnt a lot of new study methods.
  • Yes indeed. I got used to speaking English in front of the classroom.
  • I think I prepared well for starting my undergraduate study by doing a lot of presentations and writing academic essays.
  • Assessment was related to my next undergraduate course, so it was very useful.
  • Yes, I learned a lot of skills which are very useful for taking an undergraduate course.
  • Yes. the course made me ready for my post-graduate study.



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