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Nicholas Howlett

Senior Lecturer

School: Centre for Language and Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 921920

Profile summary

Nick has been lecturing at CCCU since 2002 in the School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics. He currently does most of his teaching on the BA English Language, International Foundation, and General English programmes.  

Prior to joining Canterbury Christchurch he worked abroad teaching English as a Foreign Language in Slovakia, Spain, and the Czech Republic. He started his working life in the U.K. as a computer programmer and in I.T. related sales.

His main areas of academic interest are concerned with language learning and memory, critical incident analysis, and the effect of experience on teachers and their teaching. 

Teaching and subject expertise

Nick teaches on a variety of programmes in the Centre for Language and Linguistics and has quite a significant involement in the BA English Language programme which is a course attended mostly by UK students but also takes in students from overseas cohorts such as the Kansai University Study Abroad Programme. It is indeed in International programmes such as General English and the International Foundation that Nick has been particularly involved with for many years now and that would include a PhD pre-sessional course run specifically for the Algerian Ministry of Education that ran for five years until June 2018.

Along similar international lines Nick has been very much involved with teacher development, particularly regular cohorts of students from the University of Uppsala in Sweden and a Korean Teachers' Programme for which he has acted as Course Director. He is likely to be working on simialr programmes over the next year or two as well as prospective MA and PhD pre-seesioanl programmes that are currently under developmnent. Furthet to that he supervises MA TESOL disertations as well as delivering some of the input sessions there.    

Publications and research outputs

Nick has writtien several academic articles notably one investigating the connections between language learning and studying for the Knowledge of London tests which are undertaken by prospective London taxi drivers. Another article was concerned with the ways that teachers develop over time taking into account the influence experience of teacher training/development. Critcial Incident Analysis has also been an area of considerable interest for him having had an article published in this area in 2015. His most recent publication was a shortened version of the Knowledge of London article which was published in English Teaching Professional magasine in January 2020.   


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