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Dr Annie Deakin

Senior Lecturer

School: Centre for Language and Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923708

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Senior Lecturer at CCCU for the Centre for Language & Linguistics.

I am Programme Director of the BA French and teach on the BA French and on the BA English & Communication

I have been a lecturer at CCCU in the school of Language Studies & Applied Linguistics since 2007. Previously, I was a Lecturer at Imperial College in French language and culture (2002-2007).

My other professional experiences include positions in specialised translation and terminology (architecture, pharmacy, telecommunications and IT), marketing and publishing (pharmacy).

I have a Diploma of advanced studies in specialised translation, terminology and data management (DESS Industrie des Langues et Traduction Spécialisée, Paris 7 - Denis Diderot) as well as a Diploma of Advanced Studies in English and linguistics including lexicology (DEA Langue et Linguistique Anglaise, Paris III - Sorbonne-Nouvelle); a Master's degree in specialised translation, English and Spanish (Maîtrise LEA Traduction Spécialisée, Paris III - Sorbonne-Nouvelle); and a BA in English, Spanish and Business Studies (Licence LEA, Langues Etrangères Appliquées, Toulouse).

Research and knowledge exchange

I have a PhD in Applied Linguistics on familial bi-multilingualism. My thesis entitled "Experiences of being bilingual: seven French and Spanish-speaking families in Kent" examines how bilingual individuals make sense of their experiences of familial bilingualism. It is located in applied linguistics and sociolinguistics and draws upon the main fields of bilingualism, second language acquisition, language ideologies, family language policies, as well as bilingualism and emotions. It offers evidence of the difficulties to transmit heritage languages and implement familial bilingualism because of a mixture of intertwined ideological and practical factors. My data highlights the strong link between familial bilingualism and society as the heritage languages of the participants can be construed as social capital that the parents have to transmit in order to be “good parents”. The data also highlights the complex relationships between bilingualism and emotions not only at societal level but also at individual and familial levels. The salient emotions revealed in the data comprise feelings of responsibility related to maintaining and transmitting heritage languages as well as feelings of insecurity and isolation generated by migrating and belonging to bilingual families. 

My areas of research interests are multilingualism in society, multilingualism and emotions, cultural memories of language and post-memory. 

External activities


10 November 2016. "Bilingualism and belonging", workshop, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe: University Responses. Research and Knowledge Exchange Conference. CCCU.

14-17 September 2015. "Emotional outcomes of belonging to a bilingual family", poster presentation at 4th Barcelona Summer School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism. 

17 December 2014. “Ordinary” bilingualism: a study of French and Spanish speaking families in South East England". CCCU presentation.

13 June 2013. "Getting lost in the sea of interdisciplinarity", presentation at the Annual PGRA conference at Canterbury Chris Church University - The Accessibility of Research.

14 June 2012. "An exploration of the relationships between parents and children in bilingual settings with respect to the linguistic, social and emotional aspects of children’s developing bilingualism", presentation at the Annual PGRA conference at Canterbury Christ Church University - The personal value of research.

Publications and research outputs

Published translations:

Salat, S.; Labbe, F. (1987) Fumihiko Maki: Une Poétique de la fragmentation. Paris : Electa Moniteur.

Scott Barker, F. (1996) Access 95 Power Programming. Paris: Que.


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