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Dr John Kullman

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School: Academic Sessional

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

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Dr. John Kullman is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics at Canterbury Christ Church University.

He lectures on the English Language & Communication B.A. (Hons). in which he specialises in Group Communication, Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Training, as well as on a number of modules on the  Dip/ MA TESOL programme including  Course Design, Materials and Task Evaluation and Design, Teaching Literature in the Language Classroom,  and Cultural Issues in Teaching and Learning English. 

Since joining the University in 1991 he has worked in a number of countries on projects and consultancies relating to English language curriculum development and course design, teacher education, trainer training and ELT management. These countries include Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Poland, Palestine, and, most notably, Malaysia. He has been involved since 1992 in the training of Malaysian English language teachers both in Malaysia and the UK and has also been involved in programme development of English language teacher education programmes in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

His main research interests are in intercultural communication, cultural aspects of language learning and teaching and materials, mentoring in different contexts, and course design. His PhD research was on ‘The Social Construction of Learner Identity in the U.K. - Published ELT Coursebook’ (2004).Since 2004 he has supervised students working towards Ph.Ds in cultural issues in language education and intercultural communication.

Research and knowledge exchange

Knowledge Exchange

  • Adviser to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education on the design of a national curriculum for English language (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 2006)
  • Research workshops for staff in the Language Department,  at the Autonomous  University, Oaxaca, Mexico (July 2005)
  • Designer of and trainer on trainer training course for teachers in the Language Centre of  the Autonomous University, Merida, Mexico (July 2004)
  • Tutor on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education Summer School for Teachers of English (The British Council, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, August 1999).
  • Trainer on Mentor Training Project in the Kecskemet region of Hungary (World Bank, 1995-96).

Teaching and subject expertise

  • External  Ph.D./ Ed.D. examiner at the following universities: Bedfordshire; Durham; Edinburgh; Exeter; Leicester; Portsmouth; Warwick. 
  • Previously external examiner of taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Dublin City University and Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University, Malaysia.
  • Reviewer for The Malaysian Journal of ELT Resarch.
  • Reviewer for books published by Routledge, Cambridge University Press,Macmillan and Springer.

External activities

Invited Conference Papers

  • The Materials World: Culture and the ‘Global’ English Language Textbook in the 21st Century. Invited keynote plenary at University of Porto 5th International Forum on English Language Teaching Porto, Portugal (October 2011)
  • Intercultural Communication and English Language Education in the Global Context. RELC-APEC Seminar, Singapore(April 2010)
  • The Materials World: Culture and the English language textbook in the 21st Century. Invited keynote plenary  at the 1st International Symposium on Research in Foreign Language Teaching’ at the University of Veracruzana, Mexico (February 2009)
  • The Local and the Global: Challenges for the English Language Textbook in the 21st Century. Invited keynote plenary at the Korean Association for the Teaching of English, Busan, Republic of Korea (July 2008)
  • ‘In the book students get to find out what sort of interesting people each other are’: coursebook constructions of identity in the age of celebrity Keynote plenary at the Canterbury Christ Church University 3rd Cutting Edges Conference (June 2008)

Other Conference Presentations

  • Developing ‘creativity’ and ‘critical thinking’ in the English language classroom: learning from Malaysian student teachers. Asia TEFL Conference,Kuching, Malaysia. (August 2014) 
  • Getting Beyond the Clichés: Attempts by B.Ed. TESL Student Teachers to Develop Thinking Skills in the Malaysian English Language Classroom with Emira Nabila Binti Ramli and Fatimah Fadilafatin Aziz. Malaysia English Language Teaching Association Conference, Johor Bahru , Malaysia. (June 2013)
  • Implementing a Collaborative Learning Approach in a B.Ed. TESL Programme: Putting the Principles into Practice with Richard Cullen.IPGM International Convention in Teacher Learning and Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Nov. 2012)
  • Materials and Tasks for Developing English Language Learners’ Critical and Media Literacies. RELC-APEC Seminar, Singapore (April 2012)
  • Intercultural Communication and English Language Education in the Global Context. RELC-APEC Seminar, Singapore(April 2010)
  • A call for a ‘process’ approach to training in intercultural awareness and  communication. 6th Annual Conference of the International Association of Language in Intercultural Communication, Brussels (Dec. 2005)

Invited Talks

  • Culture, Intercultural Communication and the Global English Language Textbook in the 21st. Century.Invited talk to  staff and postgraduate students at Moray House Institute of Education, The University of Edinburgh (2015).
  • Intercultural Communication and Learner Identity - Invited talk to staff and postgraduate studnets at The University of Bedfordshire (2011)
  • Culture, Identity and the Learner in English Language Teaching Materials.  Invited talk to  staff and postgraduate students at Moray House Institute of Education, The University of Edinburgh (2006).

Publications and research outputs

Books and Papers

  • Holliday A.R., Kullman J.P. & M.Hyde (2017: 3rd. edition) Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students (London: Routledge)
  • Kullman, J.P. (2013) ‘Telling Tales: Changing Discourses of Identity in the Global U.K. - Published English Language Coursebook’ in Gray, J (ed.) Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials.  (London: Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Cullen, R., Kullman, J and C. Wild (2013) ‘On-line collaborative learning on an ESL teacher education programme’ English Language Teaching Journal 67/4: 425- 434
  • Kullman, J.P. (2012) 'Challenging Constructions of the World and the Individual in the English Language Textbook’ in Perreira., A.L. & C. Gottheim  Materiais didáticos para o ensino de língua estrangeira: processos de criação e contextos de uso.  (‘Didactic Materials for Foreign Language Teaching: Processes of Development and Contexts of Use’) (Sao Paolo, Brazil: Mercado de Letras)
  • Kullman, J.P. (2011)  'Intercultural Communication and English Language Education in the Global Context’ in Ward, C. (ed.) Language Education: An Essential for a Global Economy. (Singapore:  SEAMEO Regional English Language Centre)
  • Holliday A.R., Hyde, M. & J.P. Kullman (2010: 2nd. edition) Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students (London: Routledge)
  • Holliday A.R., Hyde, M. & J.P. Kullman (2004: 1st. edition) Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students (London: Routledge

Book Reviews

  •  Dasli. M. and A.R. Diaz (eds.)  (2017) The Critical Turn in Language and Intercultural  Communication Pedagogy: Theory, Research and Practice (London: Routledge). In press - to be published in Language and Intercultural Communication.
  • Byrd Clark, s. & F. Dervin (eds.) (2016) Reflexivity in language and intercultural education: rethinking multilingualism and interculturality (London: Routledge) Language and Intercultural Communication 17/1: 76-78.


  • Kullman, J.P. (May 2017) 'Critical Issues in ELT Textbooks' TEFLology Website.

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