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Mr Mark Almond

Senior Lecturer

School: Centre for Language and Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 922308

Profile summary

MA TESOL (Kent), DELTA, CELTA and LCCI Advanced Language Certificate (French and German)

Mark is a Senior Lecturer in The School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he directs and teaches on various under-graduate, post-graduate Diploma and MA in applied linguistics and language teacher training programmes.  He has taught, trained language teachers and carried out consultancies in several countries including Hong Kong, Italy, India, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Sweden and Switzerland.  His main areas of interest are in the use of drama in the language classroom and performance-related skills for effective and affective teaching to maximise socio-psychological harmony in the classroom.  He has published widely in these and other areas and is often invited to speak at conferences around the world on his areas of expertise.  His book ‘Teaching English with Drama’ was published in November 2005 by Keyways Publishing and is currently writing, with Alan Maley and Adrian Underhill, his next book provisionally entitled Beyond Training: Spontaneity and Improvisation in Language Teaching, to be published in 2016 by Pavilion. 

Research and knowledge exchange

INSET teacher development course for The Cervantes Institute, Alcala De Henares, Spain (2007)

INSET teacher development workshops, Sicily, Italy (2010)

INSET teacher development workshops at the Collegio San Carlo, Milan, Italy (2010)

INSET teacher development workshops at the Scuola Germanica di Milano, Milan, Italy (2009 - ongoing)

INSET teacher development course, Tramelan, Switzerland (2012)

INSET teacher development workshops in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy (2012 to 2014)

Consultant on the Transforming English Language Skills in the Higher Education Sector in Bangladesh project, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2013 to 2014)

Series of workshops on the use of drama in language education, Vicenza, Italy (2014)

Teaching and subject expertise

Reviewer for System, a refereed journal in Applied Linguistics and Educational Technology (Elsevier)

External activities

Almond, M. (2012) Engage and activate: English through drama with young learners. In: The Conference for Humanism in Language Teaching, 26 Aug - 29 Aug 2012, Ancona, Italy. (Submitted)

Almond, M. (2012) Lessons from the actor: developing teacher presence in the English language classroom. In: At the Heart of Learning, 12 Apr 2012, Bolzano, Italy. (Submitted)

Almond, M. (2011) Teaching as a performing art. In: The South West TEFL Festival, 26 March 2011, Exeter. (Submitted)

Almond, M. (2011) Towards interpersonal and socio-psychological harmony in the language classroom. In: The National Conference for English Language Teachers in Turkey, 2011, Adana, Turkey. (Submitted)

Almond, M. (2009) Teacher identity and performance teaching. In: TESOL, March 2009, Madrid, Spain.

Almond, M. (2009) Affect in language teaching: a perfomance approach. In: TESOL, March 2009, Madrid, Spain.

Almond, M. (2009) Drama in language teaching. In: Institute Perguruan Bahasa-Bahasa Antarabangsa, Sept 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Almond, M. (2009) An actor's approach to teaching language and communication. In: Pilgrims 35th Anniversary Conference, Aug 2009, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Almond, M. (2008) Movement in ELT: Laban and Stanislavski – an actor’s approach. In: 22nd Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI) Conference, July 2008, Aveiro, Portugal.

Almond, M. (2007) Acting skills for teachers to develop classroom presence. In: 41st Annual IATEFL Conference, April 2007, Aberdeen.

Almond, M. (2007) Going the whole hog: putting on a play with your students. In: English Teaching Professional Live, 21 - 22 September 2007, London.

Almond, M. (2007) Tackling the bard in the English language classroom - why we should and how we can. In: Cutting edges 2007: classroom approaches in the spotlight, 22 - 23 June 2007, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Almond, M. Just who do you think you are? Teacher identity in ELT. In: LEND: Humanism in Language Teaching, 2010, Ancona, Italy.

Publications and research outputs

Almond, M. (2005) Teaching English with drama: how to use drama and plays when teaching - for the professional English language teacher. Pavilion

Almond, M. (2010) The use of drama in English language teaching.

Almond, M. (2013) Is language teaching performance art? The Teacher Trainer. 

Almond, M. (2013) Teacher identity – putting the human centre stage: socio-psychological considerations in English language teaching. Humanising Language Teaching. 

Almond, M. (2010) Is the Bard barred? English Teaching Professional, 72. 

Almond, M. (2009) Creative writing: getting students to rap. English Teaching Professional, 60. pp. 15-17. 

Almond, M. (2007) Acting skills for language teachers. IATEFL Voices, 198. pp. 8-9. 

Almond, M. (2007) The funny side of phonology - a physical approach to teaching pronunciation. English Teaching Professional, 50. 

Almond, M. (2006) Let's get theatrical with our students. The Teacher, 10 (42). 

Almond, M. (2006) Teachers acting up - from stage presence to classroom presence. English Teaching Professional, 45. 

Almond, M. (2004) Drama. English Teaching Professional, 35. 

Almond, M. (2002) Curtain up on drama - putting on a play with EFL learners. English Teaching Professional, 22. 

Almond, M. (2011) La Actuacion en la Ensenanza de los Idiomas: el Arte del Actor Condensado para el Salon de Clases in Didactica de las Lenguasculturas. In: Derosas, M. and Torresan, P., eds. Didactica de las Lenguasculturas. 1 ed. Argentina: SB/Alma. pp. 177-185 ISBN 9789871256792

Almond, M. (2010) Affect and performance skills in the language classroom. In: Lal, C., ed. Towards a Student-Centred Pedagogy in English Language Teaching. Kerala, India: Centre for English Language Learning and Teaching. pp. 21-26

Almond, M. (2001) Bridging the gap: raising cultural awareness and developing communicative skills through drama on immersion programmes. In: Bodycott, P. and Crew, V., eds. Language and Cultural Immersion: perspectives on short term study and residence abroad. Hong Kong Institute of Education. ISBN 9789629490799


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