PhD Student Profile

Ibtisam Boutemedjet

PhD Student

School: School of Language Studies and Applied Linguistics

Campus: Canterbury

Project title

'Classroom Discourse Analysis: The Impact of Gender on Algerian EFL Classroom Interaction.'

Research outline

Classroom research has attracted a wide range of scholars throughout the past decades. The research studies ranged from the focus of the study (e.g. the different aspects of learning/ teaching process, the teaching environment, the materials, …) to the research approach and methodology adopted (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods). As many would argue, classrooms are the microcosms of society where we spend a considerable part of our lives doing different activities; part of them is interaction which will be the focus of this research. Based on that, the current research aims firstly, to explore the impact of gender on EFL classroom interaction and the extent to which ‘differential teacher treatment by gender’ might be manifested in foreign language classroom in an Algerian context. Secondly, this research aims to understand how classrooms might be sites to produce, reproduce and/ or reinforce gendered discourses through classroom interaction.

Supervisory Team

  • Alexandra Polyzou (first supervisor)
  • Christopher Anderson (second supervisor)
  • Adrian Holliday (chair)

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