Medieval Canterbury Weekend

Medieval Canterbury was internationally important as the site of St Thomas Becket’s shrine, and was on the main highway between London and mainland Europe, traversed by kings, knights and merchants.

Consequently it is an ideal setting for a weekend programme of lectures and guided visits that showcase recent research on the Middle Ages which will be readily accessible to the general public and students. In being exposed to internationally-known scholars, such as David Starkey, Nicholas Vincent, Helen Castor and David Carpenter, and well-known, more popular historians such as Ian Mortimer and Dan Jones, those attending the various talks and visits will have access to new interpretations, ideas and knowledge covering medieval topics from manuscripts studies to war and politics. Popular local speakers will include Paul Bennett, the Director of Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh and Prof Louise Wilkinson.

Project Title: Medieval Canterbury Weekend: Exploring the Middle Ages

Project Lead: Professor Louise Wilkinson; Professors Jackie Eales

Project Period: 1-3 April 2016

Project Legacy and Outputs: Pending...


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