Design for a Fold

Design for a Fold was an ambitious series of arts events centred on a new installation by acclaimed artist Adam Chodzko, commissioned by the Sidney Cooper Gallery with funding from the Arts Council England and the Elephant Trust.

A main strand to the project was engagement with schools, NEETS students and students from the Kent Refugee Action Network. In total the project engaged with 50 schools across Kent and Medway with related outreach to 345 teachers in the region. The project also marked the development of the gallery as an Arts Award Centre supporting the achievement of the Bronze Art award by 10 young asylum seekers from Eritrea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Engagement across the faculty included two student internships held at the gallery, two film commissions and an ‘in conversation’ between the artist and Dr Andy Birtwistle.

Project Legacy and Outputs:

Project Title: Design for a Fold

Project Lead: Hazel Stone

Project Period: July–November 2015

  • Two Film Commissions completed by a CCCU film specialist – Ben Rowley
  • Q and A with the artist and an academic from CCCU – Dr Andy Birtwistle
  • Delivery of the Bronze Arts Award in collaboration with KRAN and the Canterbury Festival to 10 (16-19yr old) asylum seekers and three further workshops to 20 young asylum seekers as preliminary work ahead of the going on to take the Bronze Art award.
  • Key stage specific learning packs developed and sent to schools with follow up assembly presentations
  • Free exhibition tours to schools and community groups
  • Delivery of two internships hosted by the gallery
  • New installation by Adam Chodzko premiering at the Sidney Cooper Gallery
  • Exhibition of work by students of Kent Refugee Action Network
  • Visits to the exhibition from 23 schools over the five-week period

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