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INCISE, led by Prof. Bee Scherer (Religious Studies and Gender Studies), is an academic Research Centre within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

INCISE bundles research projects and initiatives both across CCCU and national & international research networks.

INCISE functions as a hub that enables and facilitates Inclusion and Social Justice research with the view of adding significantly to research impact; environment; and interdisciplinarity across the university. Outward-facing, INCISE attracts academic and activist networks, focussing on furthering Social Justice research and societal (policy/legal & awareness) impact.

INCISE’s core themes are:

  1. Gender & Sexuality/-ies
  2. Religion, Ethics and Faith
  3. Health, Mental health, Dis/variability and Well-being
  4. Socio-economic Justice & Sustainability

The themes are approached in ‘intersectional’ (Crenshaw) and inter-/multi-/transdisciplinary ways and viewed as permeable and non-prescriptive, leaving open and inviting the exploration of further intersectional aspects of embodied individual and social identity (such as ethnicity; age; etc.).

INCISE has a strong emphasis on critical Gender and Sexuality studies, housing the high-impact, international Queering Paradigms network with its well established conference and book series (Oxford: Peter Lang).

Further, INCISE provides a home for interdisciplinary Gender Studies at CCCU.

In the area of intersectional Religion and Social Justice research, INCISE aims to work with faith communities and stakeholders in order to trail-blaze new avenues for research and impact: These include projects around EcoReligion; Religion-based alternative Medicine; and Religion, Suicide and Mental Health.

Building up towards critical mass of PhD students; research fellows; visiting professors; and internal and external guest speakers INCISE aims to provide a buzzing hub of research activities in a genial, supportive yet research-rigorous environment providing a high quality range of research outputs and impact while empowering, nurturing and supporting early as well as mid and senior career researchers in their dual endeavour to create both new knowledges and societal impact in Inclusion and Social Justice related areas.

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