Our Team


  • Professor Bee Scherer , PhD, Chair of Comparative Religion, Gender and Sexuality, Canterbury Christ Church University , U.K.


INCISE has associates from all faculties of CCCU and, in various ways, contribute to and benefit from the research life of the centre:

PhD Researchers

  • Abigail Armstrong (History and Gender)
  • Rabea Brok (Religion/Gender/Socio-economic Justice)
  • Annie Hayford (Well-being/Queer Theory/Gender/Sexuality)
  • Nick Furze (Critical Film Studies)
  • Nicole Holt (Religion/ Well-being)
  • Keli Jenner (Biological anthropology/Sexuality/Sustainability)
  • Harriet Kersey (History and Gender)
  • Paula Kuzbit (Nursing/Queer Theory/Gender/Sexuality)
  • James Murphy (Psychology/Religion)
  • Dan Thorpe (Queer Theory/Disability/Religion)
  • Peter Walker (Theology/Critical Theory)

Visiting Scholars

INCISE is regularly hosting a range of international visiting scholars.

Our current visiting senior research fellows are:

External Advisory Board

Professor Carol Anderson , PhD. Professor of Religion and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Kalamazoo College , Michigan, U.S.A.
Religion/South Asia/Feminism/Sexuality/Disability

Professor Nikita Dhawan , Dr. phil. habil. Professor of Political Science (Political Theory and Gender Studies) and Director of the Research Platform Gender Studies: “Identities – Discourses – Transformations”, University of Innsbruck , Austria – Gender/Queer/Politics/Critical Theory/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Naomi Goldenberg , PhD, Full Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, University of Ottawa , Canada  – Feminism/Theology/Psychoanalysis/Critical Theory

Professor Roger S. Gottlieb , PhD. Professor of Philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute , MA, USA – Philosophy/Religion/Ecology/Sustainability/Disability

Professor Chris Mounsey , PhD. Professor of English, University of Winchester , U.K. – Queer/Disability/History/Literature

Professor Baden Offord , PhD. Haruhisa Handa Chair of Human Rights Education and Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights, Director of the Centre for Human Rights Education, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University , Australia – Human Rights/Queer/Disability/Inclusive Education

Professor Kathleen O’Mara , PhD. Professor of African Studies, SUNY-Oneonta , NY, USA – Queer/Gender/History/Philosophy/Religion/Sustainability

Professor Padam Simkhada , PhD Professor of International Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University , U.K. – Public Health/Gender/Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Pritam Singh , DPhil. Professor of Economics, Oxford Brookes University , U.K. – Sustainability/Economy/Religion

Professor Edwin Van Teijlingen , PhD. Professor Of Reproductive Health, Bournmouth University , U.K.  -Medical Sociology/Sexuality/Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion

Professor Melissa Wilcox , PhD. Associate Professor of Religion and Gender Studies, Whitman College , Washington, USA – Queer/Contemporary Religion/Socio-economic Inclusion


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