John Long (1964 to 2016)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of colleague John Long, Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Art and Design. 

John had been suffering with cancer since December 2014 and was unable to return to work. He fought hard against the illness and in September 2015 he returned to Northern Ireland to be with his family. John died last month on Monday 25 April.

John joined the Art Department at the University 15 years ago and became a Senior Lecturer in Painting. In his time at Christ Church John made a great contribution to teaching, learning and research with his paintings being part of the last REF (Research Excellent Framework) submission from the School of Media, Art and Design.

John hailed from Portadown, Northern Ireland; he studied at the Belfast College of Art and Design and at the Slade in London. He was a member of the Royal Hibernian Academy and exhibited his work in Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, and the United States.

John was a dedicated artist and a very caring teacher. He lived for his painting. His work was much admired for the meticulous beauty of his still life, portrait and landscape paintings.

John was also a great raconteur. His erudition was worn lightly and he spoke about art and artists, literature, music, and poetry with passion, commitment and a boundless sense of energy.

The loss of his creativity is greatly felt by all his colleagues, his students and the wider artistic community. John’s website details the enduring beauty of his paintings. Please have a look in the catalogue and gallery sections.

John Long's family have created a new website for John's work, you can view it here 


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