Medieval chests in Kent

Ng07 (Newton Building), Canterbury Campus, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU
Arts and Humanities
Thursday 7 November 2019 (19:00-20:30)
If you have any questions or for further information please contact the event organisers.

Professor Chris Pickvance (University of Kent)

The earliest medieval chests in Kent date from c.1250 and are in Canterbury. The talk will provide an overview of the main types and discuss the methods used to establish their origin (local or otherwise). These include study of their construction (woodwork and ironwork) and decoration, dendrochronology, documentary evidence and comparison with chests in other regions and nations. Some discussion of the uses of the chests and of the broader context will be included. The lecture is based on the recording of over 80 chests in Kent and elsewhere.

A joint lecture organised by CKHH and FCAT, booking not required, all welcome.


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