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Radia Kasdi

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Radia Kasdi is currently conducting her PhD research, and is in her second year. Radia won a scholarship after taking a national contest in Algeria which is sponsored by the Algerian government.

PhD Research Topic

An Algerian Musical Mosaic. Females’ Survival in a Conservative Society: A Case Study of Algerian Music Live Events and Wedding Ceremonies.

Research outline

Following the ethnographic approach of the Chicago school, Radia aims to investigate the role of the Algerian female in the musical world in Algeria. Additionally, Radia aims to investigate to what extent the “conservative” Algerian society “tolerates” the presence of women on stage and what are the conditions for them (female singers) to be accepted in this domain. In order for Radia to reach answers for her questions, she targeted two musical contexts: live shows and wedding ceremonies. As methods for data collection, she relied on the ethnographic mosaic approach of Professor Shane Blackman consisting of using multiple methods to generate her data. For this PhD, used Observation as the main method supported by interviews with both audience and people from the musical domain, visuals, textual analysis and semiotics.

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Shane Blackman (first supervisor)
  • Professor Adrian Holliday (chair)


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