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Megan Dobson

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury


Biographical note

I am a PhD student who has recently graduated with a 1st class degree in Film, Radio and Television (FTRV) from Canterbury Christ Church University. My time is spent watching and creating films, with particular interest in cinematography and sociological film discourse.  

PhD Research Topic

The politics of cinematic landscape; an exploration of how landscape is used as a tool in representing social class in film practise and theory.  

Research outline

My research aims to discuss to what extent filmmakers use landscape and cinematography as an allegory of societal divides within the social class, with input from game and TV discourse. I will be focusing on films that use landscape as a tool in shaping a characters identity within the social class system, with reference to British film, Classical Hollywood and World Cinema.  

My research question currently includes;  

  •  To what extent does the city rival the countryside when discussing the systemics of class.  
  • To what extent does a crowded landscape induce claustrophobia and why do film makers manipulate this.  
  •  How does lighting and cinematography change the way a landscape can be presented.  

Supervisory Team

  • Dr Chris Pallent (Supervisor)  
  • Dr Andy Birtwistle (Chair) 

Teaching Experience

I have tutored a GCSE film student and I am currently tutoring a Masters student.  


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