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Lemya Souaissid

Lemya Souaissid

PhD Student

School: School of Media, Art and Design

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Lemya is a full-time PhD scholarship student, Funded by the Algerian Government. Before coming to study at Canterbury Christ Church University, Lemya did her Master degree in English language, literature and civilisation at the University of Guelma in Algeria.

Project title

'An Ethnographic study on the influence of the American Media on Algerian young people’s cultural identity and English use'

Research outline

American media is having access and influence upon people especially young people all over the world. Based on this, the ongoing ethnographic study focuses on the dynamics of cultural mediation and cultural change, specifically to investigate how young people are adopting another culture and beliefs which are different from their own and to explore the struggle of cultures encountered Algerian young people and how can they adapt to the situation of duality. The research is linked to contemporary theories of globalisation and imperialism, to assess the degree of agency and autonomy possessed by young Algerian people in the face of neo-liberal media commodification.

The aim of this research is to explore the social and cultural changes happening in Algerian young people’s lives due to consumption of the American Media. The research will follow a qualitative research method, based on an ethnographic approach including semi-structured interviews, participant observations and field note.

The research issue of the impact of American media on Algerian youth cultural identity is highly topical because normally Algeria is a francophone country or “bilingual” i.e. Algerians use both Arabic and French in their daily life. However, recently English started to emerge in their life and many young people are using English as a third language, this is partly due to the exposure to the American TV programs and Popular Music. So the study will examine the contemporary use of the English language mediated through American media.

My research questions include:

  • How do Algerian young people manage to maintain their cultural identity while experiencing a cultural conflict?
  • How are youth subcultural identities of Algerian young people influenced by the globalisation of western culture, specifically through the consumption of American media?
  • Is English language use by Algerian youth mediated through different forms of American media, for example, television, film, popular music and social media?
  • What degree of resistance or conformity is shown by Algerian young people towards gender identities performed within the American media?

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Shane Blackman (First Supervisor)
  • Dr. Dikaia Chatziefstathiou (Second Supervisor)
  • Professor Adrian Holliday (Chair)

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