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Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Ellen is a full-time PhD student with a BA in Media and Communications from Canterbury Christ Church University. Her research interests include the horror genre, US modern film, female agency on screen, representations of societal fear and current issues in film, Japanese film and Genre.

PhD title

The exploration of American and Asian horror film adaptation: US global dominance, the 21st century source of fear as the ‘Other’ and the progression of female agency.

Research outline

Ellen’s research aims to dissect the evolution of the horror remake across the 20th and 21st century. By focusing on films that identify interesting progressions of fear and comparable evidence of female agency (or lack thereof), Ellen intends to question how time, hegemony, current events and geography can alter a film from its origin to its remake. Ellen will be using content analysis to collect differing and/or common patterns and discourse analysis to dissect the chosen language in the films.

Research questions currently include

  1. How do American adaptations of Asian horror films contribute to representations of Whitewashing, Americanization and standard categorisation of a ‘successful’ horror?
  2. How do both Asian and American adaptations of horror reflect the modern creator of fear and the 21st century ‘Other’?
  3. How is the progress of female agency within the US monitored in original productions and adaptations?

Supervisory Team

  • Dr James Newton (First supervisor)
  • Dr Andrew Butler (Second supervisor)
  • Professor Shane Blackman (Chair)

Teaching experience

Level 5: Popular Genres and Popular Culture (MMCMD2PGP) School of Media, Art and Design, Canterbury Christ Church University.


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