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David Boyd

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

David graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in film, Radio and Television Studies with Media and Communications, before returning the following year to undertake an MA by research in Media, Art and Design focusing on ludic critical dystopias – how dystopian narrative forms are applied in contemporary gameplay and how it affects player immersion. After passing his MA, David then moved on to begin his PhD in Media and Cultural Studies and now works at Canterbury Christ Church University as a Sessional Lecturer for the Department of Creative Arts and Industries.

PhD Research Topic

An Ethnographic Study of Style, Enjoyment and Fan Engagement in Contemporary British Professional Wrestling

Research outline

David’s research is a qualitative subcultural study which explores the pleasure and practices involved with being a contemporary fan of British professional wrestling, as well as looking into stylist and spectatorship qualities of the national form and arguing it as a form of cultural artefact – showcasing a sense of British national cultural identity, including varying regional forms, via its presentation, style, and content as well as the way fans audience wrestling and exhibit subcultural practice.

This study will be informed from data collected from a multitude of ethnographic methods, including auto-ethnographical experience and embedded research in the field as well as interviews conducted with diverse groups of both fans and industry professionals. This approach aims to provide the most comprehensive picture of the contemporary British professional wrestling scene whilst detailing both the process of being a British wrestling fan and transition towards becoming a professional.

Supervisory Team

  • Rd. Alan Meades (first supervisor)
  • Dr. Chris Pallant (chair)


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