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Buse Ozdirench

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Buse graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University BSc Sociology in 2017 and completed her MA on Criminology from University of Kent in 2019. She is currently doing her PhD on Sociology in Canterbury Christ Church University. She is a teaching assistant in Simply Education, and freelance writer working for one of the biggest companies, which is based in Turkey. 

PhD Research Topic

Cannabis and contemporary change: Drug decriminalization and normalization within Portugal and the Netherlands.

Research outline

Buse's research is a qualitative sociological study which investigates impacts of cannabis policies of Netherlands and Portugal on young people and practices the popular culture and contemporary change of cannabis. The study centralizes decriminalization, normalization, and Social Interactionist Theory in the perception of young people's perspectives on contemporary cannabis and drug culture by explaining each aspect of impacts. Data collecting for the study derives from ethnographic field research methods, interviews with heterogeneous groups of young people from Netherlands and Portugal, and observation of these people's behaviours, which will help the researcher to understand and answer the research questions. Also, the ethnographic research with local people will be supported by textual analysis of academic journals and books that will answer the theoretical perspective of the study and the statistical data of the study. The research supports that the contemporary perspective on drugs, especially cannabis, changed a lot with normalization and decriminalization policies shaped by popular culture and social media that normalize cannabis and drugs in young people's lives. 

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Shane Blackman (Faculty of Arts and Humanities,) 
  • Chair Doctor Jennifer Hardes (Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences). 

Research Outputs

Conference Papers

Ozdirench, B. “The Decriminalization and Normalization of Cannabis:Is It Possible to Legalize Cannabis and Reduce Crime Rates?” Post-Graduate Research Association Online conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, May 2020.


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