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Amina Boudjella

PhD Student

School: Creative Arts and Industries

Campus: Canterbury

Biographical note

Amina graduated from Hassiba Ben Bouali University with a bachelor’s degree in Language, Literature and Civilization in 2015, then returned to the same institution (HBBU) to undertake an MA degree in Literature and Civilization. She is currently conducting a research in Media and Cultural Studies after succeeding a placement at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2018.  Amina won a scholarship after taking a national contest in Algeria which is sponsored by the Algerian government.

PhD Research Topic

An Ethnographic Study on Young Women Stakeholders Promoting Modest Fashion and Style: Beyond Fashion and Religion ‘A Space for Agency’

Research outline

Amina’s research is an ethnographic study which explores modest fashion as a growing movement and requires an emersion in two spaces, online and offline. The community of young women promoting modest fashion is highly present in exhibitions and modest fashion weeks and active on the digital platforms of Instagram and YouTube. In this research, data is derived from a fieldwork study through the ethnographic methods: observation, participant observation, and ethnographic conversations with young women designers, bloggers, and consumers. The fieldwork extends to a virtual platform with an online observation of visual images on social media where women experience modesty for commercial to lifestyle practices.

The practices of modesty resulted in the creation of a female space which reflects on the young Muslim women agency and the reconstruction of identities for individual self-representation. Within a spatiality context, the study seeks to breaks a new ground to the representation of young Muslim women by shedding the light on their experiences by exploring their feelings and subjectivities. The fashion studies need more exploration in relation to Muslim women’s voices through a realistic image of the social and cultural pressures and how they resist by a collaborative empowerment weaving their own world within their own space.

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Shane Blackman (first supervisor)
  • Professor Adrian Holliday  (chair)

Conference Papers

  • Kemiche, Z., Boudjella, A., and Benzai, S. “Voicing the global: lived experiences of international students and perspectives on the Global university.”  Culture, Language and International Education Research Group & School of Language Studies & Applied Linguistics. Canterbury. June 2019.


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