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Professor Ilona Biernacka-Ligieza
Research Fellow
School of Creative Arts and Industries


Professor Ilona Biernacka-Ligięza gained a master’s degree in Linguistics in 1997 at the Univeristy of Wrocław, Poland. She completed her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Wrocław, which she defended in 2001. Her habilitation was successfully completed on the 8th of February 2013 by the Faculty Council of Political Science at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, and Ilona Biernacka-Ligięza acquired the academic degree of a habilitated doctor and got Professorship there. She is a certified English philologist (diploma 2005) and competent in German and Russian. Professor Biernacka-Ligięza’s research interests are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary focusing on three academic areas: linguistics, media and social communication and political sciences. Apart from academic achievements she also has relevant professional experience in local government and administration, where she applied theoretical knowledge in practice first hand. She was the spokesperson of a local government in Poland which role helped her to learn about functioning of self-government structures and develop practical skills. She has significant experience in academic teaching and mentoring both in Polish and in English. This included PhD and MA supervision and mentoring early career scholars. She has carried out research projects on her own as well as part of a team, and developed a publication and research record. 

Chosen Academic/Professional Appointments 

February 2019 – to date Research Fellow – Canterbury Christ Church University 

May 2018 – August 2018 - Visiting Professor – University of Macerata, Italy 

Dec 2017- May 2018 - Research Fellow - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, School of Media and Journalism, USA; 

Since Oct 2013 - to date Professor - Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Faculty of Political Science, Poland; 

Since Oct 2006 Sept 2017- Professor - University of Opole, Institute of Political Sciences, Department of Communication and Journalism, Poland; 

April - May 2014 - Visiting Professor - Masaryk University, Czech Republic; 

Oct 2008 - 30 Sept 2011 - Research Fellow - University of Oslo, Institute of Media and Communication, Norway; 

Oct 2001 – to date - Assistant Professor/ Pofessor - Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra, Poland;  

July 2001 - Aug 2003 - Spokesperson (media relations officer) – Municipality in Dzierżoniów, Poland;  

Dec 1998 – June 1999 - Research Fellow – University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UK. 

Relevant Professional Roles

Since 2019 - Expert reviewer: The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange; 

Since 2017 - Expert reviewer: Horizon 2020 – Societal Challenge 2; 

Since 2015 - Expert reviewer: in European Union Finance Mechanism Research Programs - National Agency – Erasmus +; 

Since 2015 - Expert reviewer: National Program of Humanistic Science Development, Poland; 

Since 2015 - Expert reviewer: in European Union Finance Mechanism Research Programs - Ministry of Regional Development, Poland - Knowledge Education Development Program; 

Since 2013 - Expert reviewer: EOG Operator – Norwegian Founds Expert; 

2012 - Policy expert – prepared report and provided advice on geographical / local pluralism in the media for the Strategy Department - the Polish National Broadcasting Council within the framework of the ”Pluralizm w mediach” (Pluralism in media) project, Warsaw 

Peer Esteem

Member of relevant international associations including: ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association), ICA (International Communication Association), IAMCR (International Association  of Media and Communication Research), IPSA (International Political Science Association), PTKS (Polish Communication Association) for which she is Head of Local Communication Section since 2015; 

Reviewer for a number of academic journals and publishing house including: Springer Science; IGI Global; University of Opole Publishing House; University of Wroclaw Publishing House; KUL Publishing House; UMCS Publishing House; Electronic Government Research Series (AEGR edited by IGI Global); Media – Culture – Social Communication Journal (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn); Economy – Market – Education Journal (College of Management Wrocław); The Journalism Yearly Journal (Humanitas University in Sosnowiec); Media Management Journal (Jagiellonian University); 

Member of the Editorial Board of the following journals: 

Borderland (academic journal published by University of Opole) 

Od Kladského pomezí-Glatzer Bergland (academic journal published by Glacensis Euroregion) 

Publications (author of 105 publications; 70 in English)  - 15 selected 


Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (ed.) (2015): Media and globalization - different cultures, societies, political systems, Lublin, pp. 325 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I., Koćwin L. (eds.) (2014): Open Europe: Cultural Dialogue across Borders - Cultural Heritage and Security in Europe -'Ours - Yours - Shared', Opole, pp. 203 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (ed.) (2013): Media and democratization, Toruń, pp. 305 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2012): Local Norwegian press in the era of globalisation, Lublin, pp. 487 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. & Koćwin, L. (eds.) (2011): Local and Regional Media - Democracy and Civil Society Shaping Process, Nowa-Ruda - Wrocław, pp. 605.. 


Biernacka–Ligięza, I., (2016): Virtual local public sphere: the role of new media in creating a contemporary local democracy, [in:] Zilles K. and Cuenca J. (eds.), Media Business Models, Peter Lang, New York, pp. 49- 73 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2015): Active or Passive Citizen [in:] B. Coban (ed.) Social Media and Social Movements, Lexington Books, New York, pp. 109-131 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2015): Journalists’ Role in media education in Poland at the time of globalization, [in:] S. Kotilainen and R. Kupiainen (eds.) Reflections on Media Education Future, Nordicom, Gothenburg, pp. 63- 74 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2014): New media in the process of shaping local democracy: The case of Poland (Chapter 5), [in:] Ashu M. G. Solo (ed.) Political Campaigning in the Information Ages, IGI Global, pp. 88-109 Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2014): The media in culture: culture in the media, [in:] I. Biernacka-Ligięza, L. Koćwin (eds.) Open Europe: Cultural Dialogue across Borders - Cultural Heritage and Security in Europe –‘Ours – Yours – Shared’, Vol. 3, UO Publishing House, Opole, pp. 79-94 


Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2014): Journalists in local newspaper – traditional press missionaries or digital media workers, Dialnet Journal 2 (1), pp. 5-27 

Biernacka-Ligięza I. (2013): The tourist values of "small homeland" in the regional education, IBER 4 - International Business and Economics Review, pp. 10 -26 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2011): The impact of media concentration process on local journalism, Question of Journalism, Vol. 54, pp. 106-123 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2011): ICT and local governance – e-government in local public sphere in Poland and Norway, Central European Journal of Communication, Vol. 5, No. 2 (6), pp. 297-318 

Biernacka-Ligięza, I. (2011): Promotion of small lands through their culture, language and individuality, Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, Vol. 7, No. 9, pp. 1004-1014 

Conference and Invited Presentation (10 Selected)

Between 1998 and 2019 147 presentation were given by the ER at international conferences and meetings, including: 

  • Online communities – The chance to rebuild local agora?, Global Fusion Conference, University of Texas, USA, October 2019  

  • Digitalized communities – comparative research of contemporary local agora DIGICOM 2018 - International Conference on Design & Digital Communication, Escola Superior de Design do Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave, Barcelos, Portugal, November 2018 

  • Local Communication Going Online VI Congresso Internacional de Ciberjornalismo, University of Porto November 2018 

  • Challenges of Environmental Communication presented at the Conference The dimension of internationalization through bilateral cooperation, Military Academy of Science, Bucharest May 2017 

  • Expectancy, Requirements and Challenges of the Young Journalists – The case of Poland presented at‘Media Education Summit, John Cabot University, University of Bournemouth, Rome, November 2016 

  • The art of everyday sound – students, local and sub-local radio’ presented at 6th ECREA Conference: Mediating (Dis)Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures, ECREA; Charles University, Czech Republic, November 2016 

  • Environmental Communication and its Role in Creating Sustainable Development of Local Communities – the case of Poland presented at 24th World Congress of Political Science: Politics in a World of Inequality IPSA, Poznań, Poland, July 2016 

  • Web 2.0 communication at the local level presented at Conference: Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space, Royal Netherlands Academy of Science, University of Amsterdam; Amsterdam, June 2014 

  • Mediatisation of local election in Poland presented at IAMCR Conference – Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change; Kadir Has University; Istanbul, July 2011. 

  • Local radio at the turn of the centuries – the case of Norway and Poland presented at 3rd European Communication Conference (ECREA), Hamburg 2010 

Research Projects, Funded Research and Awards (10 Selected) 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Digital Local Public Sphere and Local Communication Online: A Comparative Study of Four European countries; 2019-2021; Founded by HORIZON 2020: 2017-MSCA-IF-EF-ST 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Digital Local Governance – Unitarian governance versus Federal one; 2019; Founded by: Fulbright Commission 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Comparative studies on local public sphere digitalization process – the case of Italy; 2018; Founded by Collegio Matteo Ricci Program; University of Macerata 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Comparative studies on local public sphere digitalization process – the case of the USA, (2017-2018) Funded by: Kosciuszko Foundation; University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Cooperation with: prof. Penny Abernathy (community journalism); Jock Lauterer (community media); Knights Foundation (local communication digitalization process) 

  • Scientific Manager of the Project, Project title: Environmental Journalism – the new value in journalists’ education; University of Marie Curie Skłodowska (Lublin); 2015-2016; Funding: EOG EEA Grant 

  • Co-Investigator, Project title: Open Europe - Cultural Dialogue across Borders (2014) Funded by Visegrad Standard Grant; Participant countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Germany. 

  • Co-Investigator, Project title: The European Union through media: truth or lie. Funded by CSIC (2013); University of Seville; Participant countries: Spain, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Hungary 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Local media and local politics - comparing voting campaigns in Poland and Norway, (2012) Funded by EEA/EOG; University of Oslo; University of Opole 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: ICT - a challenge for local political communication and local democracy. (2011) Funded by EOG EEA Research Grant; University of Oslo 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Local public spheres development at the age of the ICT - the case of Norway and Poland. (2010-2011) Funded by EOG EEA Research Grant; University of Oslo 

  • Principal Investigator, Project title: Local media in Northern Europe - society, culture, market and politics (the case of Norway) (2008-2009) Funded by EOG EEA Research Grant; University of Oslo 


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