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Dr Kenneth Fox

Principal Lecturer

School: Media, Art and Design

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922319

Profile summary

Ken Fox is Principal Lecturer and Knowledge Exchange Co-ordinator in the Department of Media, Art and Design. Ken teaches modules on American Cinema in the Film, Radio and Television Programme and in the American Studies Programme. In Year 2 he teaches a module on American Independent Cinema introducing students to a range of films that reflect the relationship between mainstream and independent films. His Year 3 Cinematic City module; in particular, reflects his current research interests, as Ken's PhD focused on Cinematic Visions of Los Angeles. Ken is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2007.

Research and knowledge exchange

In 2009 Ken was successful, with a colleague in the Education Faculty, in winning an internal Research Informed Teaching award for £22,000, which lead to Film and Pedagogy workshops, a year-long programme of screenings, a conference, and the setting up of a Year 3 Education Studies module. A chapter resulting from this work, co-written with Professor Andrew Lambirth (University of Greenwich), was published in 2012.

In 2010 Ken contributed to the award winning Teacher’s TV programme “Teachers on Film”.

Ken has a particular interest in cross-disciplinary research involving film studies, cultural geography, urban studies and pedagogy. This cross-disciplinary approach is evident in his recent publications and conference papers.

Teaching and subject expertise

Ken's earlier research interests reflected his involvement in primary education and media pedagogy. He is the author of Story-to-Story a teaching pack published by TVS (now Meridian Television) that develops primary media education around the adaptations of children's books for television. In recent years, Ken's research interests have developed around his PhD and the teaching of a very popular Year 3 module on The Cinematic City. Ken also delivers a Year 3 module on Professional Perspectives in the Creative Industries and is co-ordinator of the Film, Radio and Television Programmes’ Industry Advisory Panel.

External activities

  • Screen Conference, Glasgow, 2008, joint paper with Dr. Andy Birtwistle, “The Spaces of Jazz in Robert Altman’s Kansas City”.
  • Cities in Film Conference, University of Liverpool, 2008. Paper presented on “ The Three Spatialities of Latino/a Cinema”.
  • Queering Paradigms International Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, 2009, paper co-presented with Alex Choat, “Queering the System: Baltimore, Dissent, Abnormality and Subversion in The Wire.”
  • Landscape and Cinema Conference, University of Sheffield, 2010. Conference paper presented, “In praise of the inauthentic: the cinematic landscape of The Fighting Prince of Donegal (O’Herlihy, 1966).”
  • Angels and Demons Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, 2010. Conference paper presented, “Angels and Demons in a border landscape.”

Publications and research outputs

The Three Spatialities of Latino/a Cinema” chapter in Cities in Film: Architecture, Urban Space and the Moving Image. eds. Hallam, J. Koeck, R. et. al. 2009. Liverpool: University of Liverpool.

  • Chapter written with Alex Choat: “Queering the System: Baltimore, Dissent, Abnormality and Subversion in The Wire.” in Queering Paradigms (2009) ed. Scherer, B. Bern: Peter Lang.
  • “Learning to teach at the movies” chapter in Lights, Camera, Action and the Brain, eds. Bahloul, M. & Graham, C. Cambridge University Scholars, 2012.
    • “In Praise of the Inauthentic: the cinematic landscape of The Fighting Prince of Donegal.”
    • Chapter to be published in Landscape and Cinema 2 (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2013)

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