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Dr Safa Tharib

Senior Lecturer in Games Design

School: Media, Art and Design

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922169

Profile summary

I have a strong interest in the development and application of computer aided design technology. Before my arrival at CCCU I have worked at Universities in Thailand, China and Taiwan where I have taught technical and digital design.  My creative and technical work both academic and outside of academics utilise computer technology. My focus is to teach the utilisation and development of new tools which aid in computer design technologies for use in games, film and other forms of digital media. I have a passion of game development and design and CCCU I teach students how to employ industry standard software in the creation of 3D and 2D video games. Aside of my interests in non-physical technology I am also interested physical applications of 3D graphics and electronics such as 3D printing, product design and electronics.   

Publications and research outputs

Safa Tharib, Chaveeporn Sungwarn, "Sustainable Design of Packaging for the Betterment of the Lives of Disadvantaged Peoples.", 2nd IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Innovation and Invention 2019, Yonsei University, 2019.07

Safa Tharib, Tun Hsueh Chan, Yung Chun Lin, "Rethinking design: An innovative approach to sunglasses design and manufacture", 2019 IEEE International Conference on Applied System Innovation 2019, Fukuoka, Japan, 2019.04
International conference, MOST-106-2622-E-214-004-CC3

S. Tharib, “What remains of today: The history of now,” in Asia Network Beyond Design - Munich Special Exhibition. Museum Fünf Kontinente, Germany, 2018.

S. Tharib, “Fourteen,” in Asia Network Beyond Design. Dream Forest Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2018.

S. Tharib, C. Sungwarn, C. Chootanon, K. Jeen, “The perceptions of violence against children in the virtual world,” in Proceedings of the 9th Silpakorn University International Conference on Academic Research and Creative Arts: Integration of Art and Science. Thailand: Nakhon Pathom, 2016


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