Words n Waves 2018-2019

A collaborative performance project combining digital technologies and the spoken word.

WordsnWaves is an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange project funded by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University and its output includes two live performances and a video recording. Dan Herbert and Aidan Dooley set up WordsnWaves in 2017 to explore the possibilities of Technology enhanced Literary Performance and created a programme influenced by Shakespeare’s fascination with mental health and its relevance in society today.


The performances at the Turner Contemporary Margate and the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury comprised of a combination of poems and an innovative interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth enhanced through the use of live sound and live video processing. The actors’ voices were used to generate and manipulate the visual backdrop in certain scenes from Macbeth, and diffused through a 5.1 surround sound to create an immersive experience.

The performance at Turner Contemporary featured a computer algorithm that generated a script based on a poem and was read back by the performer. The audience were able to influence the speed and intelligibility of the poem through interacting with their smartphones and this work explored the collective impact people can have on an individual’s state of mind.

An integral part of this project was to involve drama students from Canterbury Christ Church University as the main actors, and the project was also taken into two local schools where the pupils were able to experience and discuss the performance as well as interact with the technology used in the production.

A reinterpretation of selected scenes from Macbeth by WordsnWaves.

This performance was part of a Knowledge Exchange project funded by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University in association with Play on Words Theatre.

Project conceived by Dan Herbert, Aidan Dooley and Miriam Dooley

Direction and Script adaptation by Aidan Dooley

Sound Design, Software Programming and Visuals: Dan Herbert

Actors: Ania Kapsza, Lucy Steward, Nik Renouf

Filmed and edited by Jamie Marchetti


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