Goodwin Sands Radiogram

On 14th February 2019 Free Range hosted the latest live performance of PhD student Ben Horner's Goodwin Sands Radiogram project.

This project is a series of composed feature documentary podcasts which takes interviews with local people and intertwines them with 1950s radio nostalgia sound and voiceovers to create an involving and empathetic exploration into the human condition. Conceptually broadcast from a wrecked pirate radio ship on the Goodwin Sands in the English Channel, the interviewees featured all reside within East Kent, the imagined range of the ship's radio broadcasts.

The special live editions of the programme feature interview material already edited and composed, with live improvising musicians responding to the voices and stories as they see fit without having heard the material previously. This episode features Sam Bailey on the piano, Oliver Perrott-Webb on electric guitar, Peter Kelly as the Announcer, and Adem Hilmi on live radio sound generation (also a PhD student at CCCU).

The project explores Ben's PhD into the theorisation of the composed feature documentary podcast as musical practice both in its creation and listening. By asking musicians to respond to the spoken word material 'on the hoof' the programme becomes an experiment into the affective perception of the spoken word and the emotion that it carries which can then be interpreted and amplified (or contradicted) by the musicians as they see fit.

Please note this programme contains strong language and frank discussion of recreational drug use.

Photo Matt Knox. 


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