Seldom Seen Exhibition

Tim Long's practice based research takes form in a variety of ways. For the exhibition in Margate Tim showed ink drawings and wooden objects.

The topic for Tim's work is principally the human head, and the ways that representations of the human features can elicit, or draw out a variety of emotional situations.

How is a subjective state evoked and represented through object? This is a key question that Tim’s work responds too. There is also an interest in pursuing the irrational and distorted depictions of the human form, because these may evoke otherwise concealed anxieties and subjective difficulties.

Tim also ran a drawing workshop while the show was on.

This is the information sent out about the workshop: ‘What ideas, shapes and colours show who we are as individuals? Using this question as a starting point, the workshop will encourage everyone to develop non-observational depictions of themselves, drawing on invented forms. The workshop is for playing and experimenting, set in the context of the Seldom Seen exhibition, and Tim Long’s works in particular.’


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