Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to Heaven is a 5-channel choral work and sound installation created in response to an invitation from Folkestone Baptist Church and The Bradstone (residents) Association to celebrate the Baptist Burial Ground, an inaccessible ‘island’ for almost 150 years. Peasgood researched some of the people buried in the Baptist Burial Ground using their grave markers and created a choral work and sound installation that is triggered by the presence of a listener. To hear all 5 channels as a unified work, several people need to work together as a community. The composition draws on the history of those buried in the site to create polyrhythmic melodies. Melodies stand alone as independent voices or combine to form a complex whole: a meditation on history, the individual, and group identity (Folkestone Triennial, 2017).

Further Information

Further information about Halfway to Heaven is available here, including press reviews. 

An interview with Emily by professor Jean Wainwright about the impetus and process of creating Halfway to Heaven, and information from the commissioner's website is available here.

Live videos by members of public are available on Emily's facebook artist page.

Process snapshot video by Folkestone Triennial (during recording of installed work).

Interview by Studio International (on site)


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