Unbinding the Book

Magz Hall is a sound and radio artist, senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, and a founder member of London's art station Resonance FM. Inspired by a religious book from the 1920s, Magz’s latest work merges print and broadcasting for the Unbinding the Book exhibition, held at London’s Whitechapel Gallery as part of the London Book fair (25-28 Sept 2014).

The exhibition featured the work of nine international artists who have used their individual skills and backgrounds to look at the future possibilities of the printed book. Unbinding the Book set out  to challenge preconceptions of who can be an author and what a book can be, pushing the boundaries of how books can be experienced, by evoking the storytelling properties of print and the way in which images evoke a narrative, whilst bringing to life the materiality, form and physicality that make books so alluring and different from their digital counterparts.


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