Performance Lectures

Drawing inspiration from John Cage’s ‘Lecture on Nothing’ the first series of performance lectures organised by the Centre for Practice-Based Research in the Arts aimed to blur the boundaries between the formal lecture and artistic performance, offering artists and researchers the opportunity to experiment with new ways of presenting their ideas and work. The series started in Spring and Summer 2014, and featured performance lectures by researchers based in the Centre and invited guests. The series continues to this day. 


Performance Lecture Series 2014-15

The series kicked off in 2014 and proved to be a great success. 

Performance Lecture Series 2014-15


Performance LEcture Series 2015-16

The series continued through 2015-16. 

Performance Lecture Series 2015-16


Performance LEcture Series 2016-17

The series continued through 2016-17

Performance Lecture Series 2016-17


Performance Lecture Series 2017-18

The series continues and more will be added in future.

Performance Lecture Series 2017-18


Performance Lecture Series 2021-22

The series continued through 2021-22. 

Performance Lecture Series 2021-22


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