Performance Lecture Series 2015-16

Organised by the Centre for Practice-Based Research in the Arts, this series of lectures aims to blur the boundaries between the formal lecture and artistic performance, offering both creative practitioners and academics the opportunity to experiment with new ways of presenting their ideas and their work.


James Frost

Can a found object really be considered a work of art?

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Bryan Hawkins

Something of the first cause, the impossibilities of meaning and about the routes of an Antiquarian-ism...

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Julia Moore

Drawing upon the conventions of the reading group and the practices of psychic development, participants will attempt to blind read academic texts sealed inside envelopes.

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Lauren Redhead

ijereja is a transliteration of the Mycenean Greek word for ‘priestess’ in the Cretan-Minoan script known as Linear B.

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Matt Wright and Panos Ghikas

A digital entendre between Panos Ghikas and Matt Wright.

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Tim Long

Part of a series of events organised by the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, to celebrate the first 100 years of Dada.

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