Introuduction to Practices, Processes, and Materials 2017

“Practices, Processes, and Materials: Re-configuring Practice as Research in a Post-digital Age” was a one-day symposium held on 1st June 2017.

The use of gold in the computer industries, the materiality of sound, temporary body implants, open ended sculptural processes that borrow ideas from digital media...

The term post-digital is characterised by a re-appraisal of the intersection between art and technology. In addition, the post-digital landscape embraces interdisciplinary practice, hybrid forms, and collaborative opportunities. This symposium seeks to contribute towards the established post-digital discourse, through the variety of approaches presented by the speakers.

What constitutes practice based research? This is a freighted question, and there are many distinct responses to it. Arguably some types of research, especially in arts and creative disciplines, require practical outputs; otherwise there would not be a way to respond to particular research questions.

There are always new insights to be shared between researchers and disciplines. In the current research context in the UK, practice based research receives equal recognition with its written counterpart and thus it is increasingly important for researchers to communicate the mechanisms, processes and products of their work alongside its inherent value.


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