Bog Bodies

Bog Bodies is the collaborative project of Robert Stillman (saxophone), Anders Holst (guitar), and Seán Carpio (drums). Formed in 2015, the band’s sound breaks down distinctions between composition and improvisation, electronic and acoustic sound, abstraction and figure.

Their first recorded work, Sligo is part of a larger multi-media project created jointly with experimental film artist Benjamin Rowley during a residency at the Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo in 2015. Rowley's contribution to Sligo is in evidence both sonically, in the band's use of his hand-made 16mm sound film loops for the generation of a wide palette electric sound, and visually, in a series of five films shot and hand-processed during the Model residency.

Sligo will be released 17th July on MigroCISA label, a KE-funded collaboration between the London-based Migro label and the CISA research unit of the School of Music and Performing Arts. The LP will be available as a limited edition of 200 LPs, each enclosed in a selection of 4 double-sided riso prints by Ben Rowley, and a fragment of 16mm negative from a Sligo film.

A gallery of Sligo films is available at


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