Introduction to Practices and Processes of Practice Research

“Practices and Processes of Practice-Research: Interdisciplinary and Methodological Critique” was a one-day symposium held on 1st June 2016.

The event brought together scholars from the different disciplines represented by the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts to share ideas and practice about the ways in which our research practices might be developed in the future. Art practices are increasingly interdisciplinary, and the terms that we use to describe them increasingly fluid. Reflecting this, practice-researchers have begun to consider ‘practice-research’ itself as an umbrella for a variety of methodological approaches rather than a single methodology and set of assumptions. As a result, there are always new insights to be shared between researchers and disciplines. In the current research context in the UK, practice-research receives equal recognition with its written counterpart and thus it is increasingly important for researchers to communicate the mechanisms, processes and products of their work alongside its inherent value.


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